Updating your warehouse for e-commerce

Learn how to tailor your Warehouse Management System for e-commerce

One of the biggest challenges warehouses face is human error in manual processes: In a survey of 200 small-medium-sized retailers from Stitch, 62.3% of respondents indicated human error was by far the most frequent cause of inventory and fulfillment issues.


The best way to avoid mistakes caused by human error is by integrating digital systems. A Warehouse Management System can help you keep track of inventory, processes and customer information.

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What are the key benefits of a Warehouse Management System?

Our whitepaper outlines a number of ways in which a Warehouse Management System will eliminate human error, by:


Tracking inventory levels and alerting you when stock is low


Identifying a strategic organisation system


Improving space utilisation by optimising storage locations


Printing accurate shipping labels every time

How Brother can help

To help organisations optimise inventory management, our Updating your Warehouse for e-commerce Whitepaper outlines how a Warehouse Management System introduces automation and digital systems tailored to e-commerce.

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Updating your Warehouse for E-commerce

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