Digitising Paper Records

Learn how to make your document management process more efficient

Don't let your documents sit on shelves collecting dust.
Too often paper documents are forgotten about and left out of critical workflows.
Converting paper documents to digital formats allows: 
  • Remote access to data
  • Faster information sharing
  • Better protection of information
  • More efficient and fully traceable operational flows

This means your company is never without the information it needs to make day-to-day decisions.


Scanners in three shapes and sizes

Standalone scanners come in three formats. Here's how to identify which is best suited to your company’s operational needs.

1. Portable

Mobile scanning devices give front line workers an extremely handy option for protecting and sharing critical information while on the move.

2. Compact

Compact scanners are ideal for offices where space is limited, and can easily be moved between departments and hot desks.

3. Desktop

Desktop scanners are designed for workloads of 1,500 to
5,000 pages per day and can scan and store a high volume of documents in various formats.

Each industry has unique and highly specific document needs. These requirements can be satisfied by a variety of scanners, so it's important to know which ones have the most suitable capabilities and functions for your company.

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