Maximise Productivity with Barcode and QR Technology Solutions

Thanks to modern print and scan solutions, barcode technology increases efficiency and productivity in the workplace. Thermal label printers enable barcode and quick response (QR) code creation, thanks to connectivity with integrated design applications and software.

These processes also reduce the instance of human error associated with manual data entry. People generally make an error when entering data at a rate of one in 300 when they write, averaging 18 mistakes per hour.

Barcode and QR code technologies can significantly reduce errors associated with manual input and improve workplace efficiency.

This eBook will examine how implementing a barcoding solution can improve your business processes.

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Barcodes & QR Codes: How to Make Them Work for Your Business

How barcode and QR code technology is enhancing office
and supply chain productivity 


Reduce space

The migration to a cloud-based architecture can reduce the office space reserved for filing systems and provide instant and easy access to documents such as device manuals


Save time

Your maintenance and repair staff will save time and do more with a wealth of device and diagnostic information, simply by scanning a QR code from the camera of their smartphone


Increase knowledge

By attaching a QR code to your office devices, you can ensure personnel are able to access detailed information regarding product lifecycles or user ‘how to’ guides


Drive customer engagement

Implementing a consumer-facing QR system can greatly increase brand awareness for your business and provide instant information regarding your products, services and other offers

If your business is looking to utilise barcodes or QR codes as an extension of your marketing campaigns or to aid in employee engagement or training, partnering with a print solution provider can help maximise the results of this versatile technology. 
Together with Brother, you can determine the best labelling solution for your business. If you are ready to learn more, download the eBook below.

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Barcodes & QR codes: How to make them work for your business


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