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The New Normal

Many businesses have moved to a hybrid work model worldwide, where employees work from varied spaces such as offices, coworking hubs, public spaces, and homes.

At the centre of this evolving workplace model is the home office, which is rapidly becoming the focal point of work.

In this eBook, we will be revealing key learnings on creating a home workspace that drives employee satisfaction and productivity.

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A home office that sets you up for success

This guide provides insights and tips both for Employers and Employees

As more businesses across Australia and the globe adjust to the new normal of hybrid work, understanding the building blocks that create the ideal home office is key to unlocking productivity and wellbeing gains for employees working remotely.

Hybrid Working for Employers
Hybrid Working for Employees

What you'll learn in this guide:


Defining the Value of the Home Office


Our Home Office Best Practice Tips


How To Set Up Your Ideal Home Office

Learn the Home Office Best Practices

Home office best practice sees leading businesses allow employees to borrow necessary work equipment for their home office, and also ensures that employees are familiar with good ergonomic practices, especially related to workstations.

Best practice additionally means businesses being able to maintain regular communication with employees via home
office setups, providing remote access to information and support for mental health and wellbeing services and meeting health and safety requirements.


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A Guide for Employers and Employees

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