Guide to Sustainable Printing

A comprehensive approach to sustainability

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  • How you can introduce sustainable printing in your workplace.
  • Tactics to revolutionise the way your printing functions consume resources, from paper and toner to electricity.

What will I learn from the Sustainable Printing eBook?

These are some of the key items you'll learn from the Guide to Sustainable Printing:

Optimal ways to use your print devices for sustainability

The common features of a printer or multi-function device which help improve sustainability often go unused. Find out how to use your devices in a more sustainable way.

3 key areas to improve your print strategy and business

Your choices regarding hardware use, print features and governance will determine whether your company lives up to its sustainable potential.

How to improve your company's environmental profile

How much of your company’s print resource consumption is necessary? How much could you improve your sustainability initiatives with a few simple process adjustments?

Download the Guide to Sustainable Printing eBook

Our Guide to Sustainable Printing ebook

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