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Whether you’re a start-up or a large multinational, you can count on Brother to match your needs with the necessary tools to help drive your business forward. Brother’s team of commercial specialists are located Australia-wide, ready to assist your business with office printing solutions tailored to your industry.

Our first step in helping you is a free print assessment

Schedule a free print assessment with us and we'll evaluate your current printing systems, calculate the hidden costs behind it, and share how you can cut costs immediately.



How will the print assessment help eliminate excessive print costs?

We calculate costs


We calculate the hidden costs behind your current systems and the immediate savings that can be made
We evaluate your printing systems


We evaluate your current printing systems and identify gaps in their performance
We automate manual processes


We automate manual office processes to reduce manpower time spent on printing systems
We determine the best service for you


We determine the best service for your systems that Brother Australia and our partners can provide

How the print assessment works

Brother uses the following process during the free print assessment:

Step One: Consultation


A print professional will arrange a consultation with your company
Step Two: Assessment


We will assess your print and document management needs.
Step Three: Audit


Conducting a print audit for large organisations
Step Four: Recommendation


Document and provide recommendations and costs as an obligation-free print quote.



Remove the stress of managing your print services

Our free print assessment takes matters out of your hands so that you can rely on an expert opinion. Our goal is to optimise and future-proof your office needs. Here's how we can help you:

improve efficiency with free print assessment

Save time and improve efficiency

The amount of time your employees spend on print-related tasks can be frustrating. The process of printing, scanning, copying or faxing documents on old hardware or poorly configured software is just the start. We will identify such problems and outline how you can free up staff time to focus on more important tasks.

improve productivity with free print assessment

Improve organisational productivity

The printing needs of various departments within an organisation can vary. After an initial assessment of an organisation's current and future needs, we will be able to recommend a tailored program for your departments.

custom approach with your free print assessment

Improve cost transparency

Often, process improvement through MPS use involves an increased focus on automation. Giving employees time back in their day is a value driver, one that pairs well with the direct monetary advantages of identifying and eliminating budgetary waste.

improve security with a free print assessment

Improve information security

An organisation-wide print assessment from Brother can identify print and IP security risks your organisation faces. We can then recommend the best program to mitigate those risks, through a tailored print security plan.

Why you can trust Brother

For over 100 years, Brother has achieved recognition as a brand synonymous with reliable and high-quality products and services. Here's what our customers say:
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